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How long will hair system last?

The birth of hair system mainly solves the troubles of many people who have hair loss, helping them regain a beautiful appearance and regain more confidence. With the popularization of hair system and the increase of beneficiary groups, people pay more attention to the lifespan of hair system. How long does the hair system last?



There are various types of hair system, whether stock orders or custom orders, there are three main factors that affect the service life of hair system. It depends on the base making materials and hair quality, processing techniques, maintenance of the system.

now , we will introduce the longevity of different hair toupees and share some tips on how to care for the hair system to increase its life span.


Base materials used and hair quality

Different base materials have different levels of durability and will therefore last for differing amounts of time .  Different hair quality, the service life of the hair system is different also.



The base materials used on men’s toupees can be divided into four main categories as follows:

1.Full lace (generally last between3-5months )or even longer with good maintenance.

2.Full pu (the thicker the pu, the longer the lifespan,The shortest life span is about 1-2 months, and the longest is about 4-6 months)or even longer with good maintenance.

3.Mono lace(generally last between6-8months)or even longer with good maintenance.

4.Lace +pu/npu (generally last between3-5months )or even longer with good maintenance.



Please Note: the lifespans list above are only an indication,The overall lifespan of life system depends on other factors as discussed in this blog.

The quality of the hair uesd on the hair systems will have an impact on the overall lifespan of them as well .

Hair systems are made with 100% natural human hair or the remy hair have the longest lifespan.conversely ,hair systems that have overly processed or poor-qualiy hair have much shorter lifespan.Hair systems made with human hair are also very adaptable and stylish,these hair systems come in all kinds of textures,densities and colours.

In addition, the color of the hair will also affect the life of the hair system ,The natural color or darker color will have a longer lifespan.

Darker hair colours and straighter styles require less processing ,whilst lighter hair colours and curly hair require a lot more treatment,the life span will shorter.

Manufacturing process

Some unique processing techniques of the hair system will affect the lifespan of the hair systems, there are machine-made hair sytemes and  hand-made systems ,Obviously, handmade hair systems will last longer.

Lace base type about the front part,It will involve the bleached knot. After the bleached knot is processed, the hair system is more natural and invisible, but the bleached knot should be handled properly. So our products about the hairline,is slight bleached knot , if the bleached knot is too heavy and will affect the service life. In a short period of time, it will cause a lot of hair loss and shorten the service life.



Pu ,there are vloop ,reverse knot and injection about the processing technology, Among them, pu reverse knot has the longest service life, followed by pu vloop and pu injection.



How to increase the hair system lifespan (proper care and maintenance)

Several factors are influencing the life span of a hairpiece, among which maintenance matters most after you purchase a quality hair system. Good maintenance can not only lengthen the life span but keep your hairpiece shiny and soft. Therefore, we share some tips on caring for the hair systems here.

Here are some tips for better use of our product.

1.When you comb your hair, please be gentle. It is recommended that you use an anti-static wig comb for combing.


2.When you wash the wig, please don’t rub it with your hands, or pull the wig hard. Please use the care lotion to smooth it out gently.


3.Please keep the shampoo frequency of 7-15 days in summer and 15-30 days in winter. The wig does not produce grease.Maybe some dust is contaminated in the process of wearing it, please do not wash it frequently.



4.Please use warm water when cleaning the wig. If the temperature is too high or too low, the life of the wig will be reduced.


5.It is recommended that you use a shampoo with a PH value of 4.9-5.5, together with a care lotion, and essential oils to protect your hair.


6.Please do not use a hair dryer after washing, and let it dry naturally and avoid exposure to the sun.



7.Avoid exposure to the sun for too long : the sun releases harmful radiation that can damage the hair on the hair system,the sun can reduce the green pigment in hair,turning it into a red or orange colour.as we use 100% natural human hair on hair systems ,the hair will be vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun rays .


8.if you sleep with your wig hairpiece attached then you can switch your regular pillowcase for a satin oneto avoid pull .


9.When you remove the hair base from your head, you should also be careful. You can ask the professionals to do the job when you just start wearing the product. If you want to do this by yourself, you need to use particular toupee removal and gently pull the hair base off.


Follow those tips and you will be on your way to extending the lifespan of your hair system, it is important to note that there are many things you can do to improve your hair system maintenance .

The leoohair full range is extensive, meaning you will always find the perfect hair system that suits for your lifestyle.


How long does a non surgical hair system last? We believe that you can have an idea in mind now. Buying a quality hair system is not hard. The harder part lies in its maintenance. Good maintenance can largely improve the appearance and lasting time of a hair toupee.

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