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How to Choose suitable hair system base for your clients-Men’s toupee?

With the growing prosperity of the hair system industry, the base type of men’s toupee has gradually developed some common base types, each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, so how to choose a suitable base for your customers becomes what you need Considering, let me introduce to you the advantages and disadvantages of each type of base, so that you can better recommend the base type according to the situation when facing customers.



According to different materials, hair system base can be roughly divided into three major types, lace base, PU base and mono base. Other types of base are derived from the mixture of three materials.


1.Full Lace Base



The lace base is made of lace fabric, and the hair is hand-crocheted on the lace mesh.

Lace hair systems is the most comfortable. It’s soft and breathable. It’s suitable for hot weather or work with a lot of exercise. It won’t hurt your skin on the top of your head. The bleached knot is used at the front of the base to keep your real hairline.


The full lace base or the lace base at the hairline can perfectly imitate the appearance of the natural hairline and will look very natural

If the client is very demanding about the hairline and needs to make sure that the hairline matches their hairstyle, then this is a good choice, and the lace base is the lightest and most breathable of the three different mesh bases, so it is perfect for hot weather!


Because the hair is directly crocheted on the lace by hand, there will be knots, so if the hair has a distribution line, it will be more obvious, and it does not look very realistic and natural.

However, if these knots are bleached, the visibility of these knots will be reduced, increasing the realism of the toupee, but the bleached knots will reduce the flexibility of the hair, making hair more fragile and fall out, and reduce the service life. The lace mesh bottom is relatively more expensive than other base types.


Lace is divided into Swiss lace and French lace, which are different.



Swiss lace is softer and more delicate, and is a better choice for customers with sensitive scalps, but it is fragile and can be easily damaged, so it needs to be worn and removed with great care.

French lace is rough to the touch and has a lot of friction after wearing, so it is not a good choice for customers with sensitive scalps. It has a harder texture and is relatively more durable.

The service life of Swiss lace is basically only one month, while French lace generally lasts two to three months. If the maintenance is good, it will take longer. If the customer is wearing a lace toupee for the first time, it is best to choose French lace. Swiss lace is suitable for experienced clients.








2.Full PU Base



The PU base is made of a mixture of different compounds and polyethylene, which is a mixture of plastic and silicon, and is easy to use

PU base hair system has the most natural hairline. The hair on the base is v-looped,reverse knotted and injected, keeps the most authentic appearance, and is easy to clean and attach. It can be worn and cleaned at home. Because it is very thin, it has low density of bearing hair, so it is very light.


The biggest advantage of PU base toupee is that they are light, natural and transparent, similar to the skin. Even if you touch them with your hands, you will not find out that you are wearing a men’s toupee, and the effect is realistic. No matter the distribution line or the hair crone, it is the same as the real scalp, and can be distributed at will.Full PU base toupee is also very suitable for customers who like to do slicked back hairstyle.


The biggest disadvantage is poor breathability, which is not suitable for wearing in hot summer and countries with hot climates. In order to be more natural and transparent, you can choose a thin PU base, but the thinner the thickness, the more fragile the base will be, and it will be easy to tear. It cannot be repaired and can only be replaced. The thinner the thickness, the shorter the service life, the thinnest 0.02mm-0.04mm service life is about 1 month. The thicker the thickness, the more sultry it is to wear, the transparency and naturalness will be reduced, and the service life will be extended to 4-6 months at most.









3.MONO base



The hair of the Mono base is also hand-crocheted on the fine mesh material, which is light and breathable.

Mono base toupee is the most durable. It is breathable and strong. It can carry a large density of hair, so it is relatively heavy. It is usually combined with a large area of NPU to ensure that it adheres firmly and has a front hairline that cannot be explored.


Mono net is soft and comfortable, and has little irritation to the skin of the head,, especially for people with hair loss after chemotherapy or people with sensitive skin, and the Mono base can not only imitate the appearance of natural hair growth, but also can be distributed at will, easy to style. The price is also cheaper than the lace base toupee, and the price is also affordable for most people


Because its mesh weave is tighter than lace, it is not as breathable as the lace mesh bottom.


This is the introduction of the three major types of bases. I hope you can have a general understanding of the materials of the men’s toupee base. Let’s introduce the hybrid base types.





Structure:Swiss lace ,side and back coated with PU

The hairline is invisible and natural, the top lace has good air permeability, and the PU on the side and back strengthens the structure, which is beneficial to tape and clean.





Structure:Swiss lace, side and back coated with PU

The structure is very similar to OCT, but the PU area is smaller. Better breathability and the same price as OCT.










Structure:Front and top swiss lace, PU around

The hairline is invisible and natural, the top lace has good air permeability, and the surrounding PU makes base stronger, which is conducive to the tighter fit of base.









Structure:Front swiss lace, top mono lace, other area PU

Versalite Base is ideal for people who wants appearance but without sacrificing the durability.It looks very natural in the forehead. undetectable and it fits tightly.can cut and adjust the size.This base is perfect for people who like slicked-back style. The three materials combine to integrate their respective advantages.











Structure:swiss Lace with PU around

Top is soft and breathable, hairline also invisible.durable and easy clean











Structure:Front swiss lace, other area PU

Compared with the full PU base, the front part is lace,The bleached knot is used at the front lace, looks natural, but top is not breathable


These are the introductions of the commonly used bases, of course, there are many other bases, if you need other bases, you can also contact us. Hope this introduction will be helpful when you recommend to clients.

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