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Custom Men Toupee Hair Replacement System

We are a wig factory that has been in business for many years and offer up to 100+ types of base customization and can also customize according to the pictures or other references you provide.
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    Details of customization needs

    • Base Type
    • Base Size
    • Hair Material
    • Hair Length
    • Hair Color
    • Hair Density
    • Hair Curl
    • Front Shape

    Please refer to the blog for details


  • 1 Multiple production lines allow for faster product customization
  • 2 A huge amount of data to inform your customization
  • 3 10 years + experience in the wig business
  • 4 Professional R&D team leads the market
  • 5 Complete customization process
product details

1.100% human hair, very flexible, light and flowing

2.Top-notch handmade technology for any of your needs

3.Very large inventory to provide you with security of supply

4.Extensive product line

model & application
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