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Best 5 Human Hair Pieces For Men

Hair Toupee is a great way to cover up hair loss. There is no need to incur high hand speed fees and long waiting times. You can change your hairstyle at any time. And it blends well with your natural hair and adds volume. If you are willing to wait, we can also customize it just for you, to fit your head even better.

So here are five of the best people’s hair toupees. these data are not just empty words. Rather, they are conclusions drawn from the analysis of data from thousands of our customers.


All PU
The PU base is one of the largest shipments of mesh bases. This toupee is extremely cost-effective. It is easy to wear because it is a mixture of different compounds and polyethylene. The PU has the most natural hairline, thanks to its three processes: Vloop, Knots, and Injection.



Vloop: Use vloop technology, which makes the hairlines natural and realistic looking. When wearing it, just like a real person’s hairline.
Injection: This Injection base uses a popular product process. Workers embedded each hair directly into the bottom of the base, which ensures the roots of the hair are naturally invisible, and the whole hairpiece is realistic, just like your own hair.
Knotted: This base type uses single split knots technology. The biggest advantages are durability and no hair loss, so it is welcomed by many customers.

The biggest advantage of PU basing wigs is that they are light, natural, and close to the skin. The price is very competitive. After wearing it, even if you touch it with your hands, you will not notice that you are wearing a wig.
The biggest disadvantage is the poor breathability. It is not suitable for wearing in hot summer and hot climate countries. Of course, if you have a high frequency of replacement and do not care much about the service life. You can choose 0.02mm-0.04mm PU mesh sole.
Service life: 1-6month


Full Lace
The lace base is made of lace fabric. This base is a very common one for us. It is also a choice for many people. The lace base is the most comfortable of the hair systems. And because of the difference with the PU Base, the hair is handmade on the lace mesh. So the price will be relatively expensive.
Also, the full lace systems of men’s hairpieces are easy to cut and easy to apply.
The hairline of our full lace men’s toupees uses bleached knots technology. This bleached knots technology makes the hairline looks more natural and invisible.
Most of our stock full lace men’s toupee products use slight bleached knots technology to ensure an invisible hairline, so that the hairline looks more natural, and is hard to be noticed.



The lace base is very comfortable, breathable, and very light. Perfect for hot weather or for work where there is a lot of movement. The lace mesh base at the hairline perfectly mimics the look of a natural hairline and will look very natural. If your client has a demanding hairline, then this would be a good choice.
Since all the hair is hand hooked onto the lace, there will be tangles. If you require a hairline as well as a distribution line, we can use a light bleaching technique, which reduces the visibility of these knots. Of course, if the bleaching is severe, it will reduce the flexibility of the hair.
Service life: 1-3month


Mono Lace

The Mono base has the same handmade hair. It is the most durable base of any men’s hair replacement system. Since the mono mesh base will also have mesh, but it will be smaller compared to full lace, its breathability is second to full lace.
It is usually used with a large area of NPU or PU. This will enhance its wearability and a good hairline presentation.


Soft, comfortable, and less irritating to the skin. Ideal for people with post-chemotherapy hair loss or sensitive skin. Most durable mesh base.
Not as breathable as a lace mesh base.
Service life: 3-12 months


This base is created during the customization process. The base has Swiss mesh and peripheral PU. And it has a relatively low price. It also has very good breathability and easy wearability.




This toupee can be said to be a typical one in customization. It is composed of three materials together. (Front: Swiss Lace, Top:Mono Lace, Other:PU)Versalite Base is ideal for people who want appearance but without sacrificing durability. It looks very natural on the forehead. undetectable and it fits tightly. can cut and adjust the size. This base is perfect for people who like slicked-back style. The three materials combine to integrate their respective advantages.



If there is no wig you like here. You can choose to customize.
If you do not know much about custom wigs. You can also check our previous Blog:EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT CUSTOM HAIR SYSTEM.

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