19 2022-08
Best New Hair Pieces For Men——Self-Adhensive PU



Toupee as the mainstream solution for hair loss, thinning hair, etc. in the market. As a factory, we bring you a new product today that we have developed over several months. This product is called Self-Adhensive PU, and as the word suggests, it can be easily worn without any glue and other adhesives applied by your customer. Let me introduce this product to you in detail.



1.Lifespan / with different thickness, the lifespan will be different.

0.04-0.06mm, 1-2 months

0.06-0.08mm, 2-3 months

0.08-0.10mm, 3-5 months

0.10-0.12mm, 4-6 months


2.Durability /

If you want more durable, I recommend Knotted base type.


3.How to use  /

There is a protect layer with the self-adhensive Pu, you can take it off the layer, and stick on the hairloss area.


4.How long can it be worn before removal is needed /

It can last 15-20 days, if take care good, it can reach 1 month.


5.How to remove and clean /

It’s better to wash and clean when it’s on the head. You can remove it directly from the head.


6.Can it be re-fitted and if so, how many times can it be re-fitted before the self-adhesive wears off /

Yes, it can be re-fitted. After you remove it, you can use the hair dryer to heat the base, but not so high temperature, it will become sticky again.


7.What type of adhesive is used

With this kind of Self-Adhesive Pu base, no need to use the other tape or glue again.


8.How to clients test to know if it’s safe from their skin (skin patch test), etc.

When the client use the Self-adhensive Pu base the first time, then can stick the small area to make skin patch test, like frontal. Till now, we didn’t get any similar allergy situation, but it’s better to test before normal use.


I believe that after this introduction, you already have an in-depth understanding of this product. If you are interested in this product, please send us a message.

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