26 2022-08
What’s the difference between handmade and silk?

There are many crochet processes for the toupee, and many people will choose handmade hairpiece products. So what is the difference between the two crochet processes, the corresponding advantages and disadvantages of handmade and silk?

First of all, silk is a special process in the handmade. The biggest advantage of silk is very close to the real scalp, and simulates the flow of real hair growth, is in the original hair base is more than a layer of simulated scalp material, not only cost-effective, and the effect is very realistic. After wearing it is not out. There is no process on the market to completely replace it. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high.

The advantage of handmade is cheap, from the crochet labor costs alone, will be much cheaper than silk. But the effect is still very different compared to silk. The main difference is that handmade will leave a black lump one by one when knotted, which leads to a lot of black spots on the scalp of the head, which does not look as natural.

Then there is the handmade top of the head that is flatter, silk is a simulation of the effect of the human scalp, hooked out of the top of the head of hair is more fluffy.

In terms of breathability, handmade is a single layer of mesh, while silk is two layers of mesh, although the difference between a layer of mesh, and the actual use of the feeling of breathability is not much different between the two.

We suggest that you choose the right product according to the actual needs of your customers, but of course, you can also go with the combination of customization of their special products.

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